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Layered Lining System at the New Hanover County Landfill Progresses

Wells Brothers Construction continues to power through one of Southeastern North Carolina's rainiest summers in order to adhere to a strict lining system installation timeline on Cell 7 at the New Hanover County Landfill. From the beginning of the project, in March of 2018, Wells Brothers has been on site working to clear, grub and grade subgrade soil spanning approximately 10 acres. Steady progress has been as the first two layers of a three component lining system have already been successfully delivered and installed. This baseliner system is comprised of three components, a clay liner, a geomembrane component and a drainage component which effectively work together to prevent liquid and gas from leaking into the ground and contaminating local soil and water resources. The geomembrane layer prevents liquid leakage, while the clay component stops leakage should the geomembrane layer be compromised. Looking ahead to the next feat on Wells Brothers' agenda is the installation of the drainage layer. The drainage layer is perhaps the most critical to the success of the lining system. Once installed and activated the drain collection layer will work to collect and remove excess liquid and contaminates from the geomembrane’s surface. This cutting edge liner system aligns directly with Wells Brothers initiative and commitment to implement environmentally friendly practices and procedures throughout the scope of each project.

New Hanover County Landfill Cell 7

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