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"Wells Brothers has always treated us like people instead of property". 


Pam Booth works in the Turkey, NC office and does a great deal for Wells Brothers. From fulfilling roles in Human Resources to office admin, she is a huge Wells Brothers staple. Pam loves her children, Matthew, a full-time firefighter, Kirsten, a vet assistant, and her grandchildren. 

Mike Philips.jpg

Mike Philips does just about anything when on the job. From running equipment to being a superintendent, he's an all-around great leader. He's been with Wells Brothers for over 20 years and has been in the construction industry for much longer. Coming from a farming background, Mike always felt comfortable around equipment. His father worked with us before him as well. In Mike's free time he enjoys relaxing and fishing when he can.


Doug is an operator and hails from Dillway, NC. He's been with Wells Brothers for almost 25 years, starting when he was 18 as his first construction job. We're happy we've been able to keep him with us for so long. Doug's free time is spent fishing or working when he's home.

Josh Carr & Mike .JPG

This father and son duo is from Clinton, NC. Mike (to the right) has been with Wells Brothers for 25 years and Josh (to the left), has been with Wells Brothers for six years. It has been a family tradition to be in the construction industry for these two. Hunting and fishing take up most of their free-time. Mike shared with us that his favorite thing about working here is that the leadership team within Wells Brothers is more like a family to him than employers.


Gene Philips is a supervisor and is from Pender County. He's been with us for well over 10 years. He started working with Wells Brothers through family before him. His favorite thing to do in his free-time is sleep and work around the house. Gene loves working for Wells Brothers because he gets to do the kind of work that he enjoys.


Nick Johnson is an operator. He's from Roseboro and has been with Wells Brothers for almost two years. Nick has always enjoyed heavy equipment, which is what led him to this type of work. Nicks brother worked with us before him, and he has been here ever since. In Nicks free-time, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer with his son.


Justin Narkie hails from Minnesota. He was in the military prior to joining Wells Brothers and has been with us for about a year now. His father was in the construction industry, and Justin started out his career working with him. During his free time, he loves working on his car and enjoying the beach. Justin's favorite part about working with Wells Brothers is his coworkers!


Brad Cockman grew up in Raleigh but has called Wilmington home since 2005. He knew he wanted to be in the construction industry working to accomplish something on a team. The infrastructure side seemed interesting to Brad after building homes for several years. The reputation of Wells Brothers and the work that everyone takes pride in drew him to Wells Brothers Construction - and he's been with us for 10 years now!


Aldridge Forrester is from High Point, NC. This is his first Heavy Civil construction job. After majoring in 

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