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Wells Brothers puts great effort into its preconstruction and estimating services.  The team views these services as the most critical part to any project.  The estimating, reviewing, scheduling, phasing, and procurement services of Wells Brothers are imperative to a project's success.  


The company provides estimates at any phase throughout a projects life.  These estimates can be conceptual, budget, unit-price, and greatest max price.  


Wells Brothers' estimating practices are among the most competitive and accurate in the industry.  Due to the company's expertise and disciplined pricing process estimates are typically withing two percent of final construction costs.  The latest technology is used to provide the highest level of accuracy possible.  

The estimating team at Wells Brothers provides these services:


  • Project Coordination and Planning

  • Budget Development

  • Permitting

  • Land Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Value Engineering

  • Subcontractor Solicitation

Chief Estimator

Brad Cockman

(910) 202-4628

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