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Safety Commitment

"We Make Safety Personal"

Wells Brothers goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of its employees and all others entities involved in its projects. The goal of Wells Brothers is to create a culture of safety throughout the company and to ensure a safe working environment for each individual involved in each of its construction projects.  A safe working environment is Wells Brothers #1 priority.


Active Leadership

Wells Brothers provides its supervisory staff with all necessary resources to implement and enforce mandated company safety programs and plans. Through safety promotion, training, education, and the use of personal protective equipment, Wells Brothers is committed to ensuring that all employees remain accident free.  Company leaders have a special responsibility when it comes to safety.  Every leader at Wells Brothers is intensely committed to safety — seen not only through words, but actions.  Leaders create the proper environments where people can't help but do the right thing every time.


Employee Engagement

Everyone involved in the company’s projects are to be on constant alert for unsafe practices and conditions.  Every employee is responsible for learning and abiding by the rules and regulations which are applicable to their work.  Every person at every level is authorized — and expected — to speak up when they see someone or something that concerns them or if something isn't in line with the company’s safety standards.

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