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For over 30 years Wells Brothers Construction has provided superior, diversified construction services.  Whether contributing to North Carolina’s farming boom or completing demanding federal contracts, Wells Brothers Construction has built the relationships necessary to be known as southeastern North Carolina’s premiere civil contracting firm.


The groundwork for the company can be traced back over 50 years.  Terry Wells, President and Founder, began his earthwork career before he finished intermediate school, in the 1960s.  Terry was operating heavy machinery and developing land before he had his driving license.  Working at this young age, in the difficult conditions of southeast North Carolina’s bays, Terry laid the foundation for the principles that Wells Brothers operates by today.  In 1978, Terry purchased a single bulldozer and ventured out on his own. 


As company prospects grew, brothers Dave and Gary joined the team, and Wells Brothers was formed.  This family effort let the company meet the demands of the area’s growing community.  Wells Brothers flourished by being a large contributor to the areas livestock farming boom of the 1990s and began to provide sitework services in 1992.  It was common to move over 100 cubic yards of dirt at an individual lagoon.  Wells Brothers easily transitioned to capitalize on the region’s high-growth.  The lagoon crews began to complete master-planned communities in 1998.


By 2005 the company had grown exponentially and construction efforts were directed to the expansions of MCB Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg.  Terry’s son, Rock, was added to the staff in 2007.  Since this addition, the company has had revenues in excess of $75 million.  Today, Wells Brothers continues to provide quality construction services in numerous markets.  Wells Brothers now has offices in Turkey and Wilmington, North Carolina.  

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